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Data Backup services

Data is the lifeblood of every business and now lives in more places than ever before, making it time-consuming to manage, while being under daily attack by cybercriminals and clumsy employees.

We offer many different managed backup solutions for businesses of all sizes. We customize our data backup services to fit your business's needs. Our data backup services will help you protect your business's data and assets from unforeseen disasters and corruption. Our data backup services are offered on-premise, in the cloud, and hybrid. We will help you and your business determine what data and which systems should be backed up, and how often. This is an aspect that should never be overlooked no matter what size your business is.


While the cloud has its benefits, many organizations find the use of on-premise local storage devices to provide better value. The data backup professionals at IT Master Services will assist with all aspects of local backups, including technology selection and device management, to ensure all resources are allocated correctly and data is stored properly.


Backing your data up to a cloud server will further reduce the chance of complete data loss. Cloud backups operate in real-time and can produce mass copies of your data daily, weekly or even hourly. Cloud storage systems are designed to protect against cyberattacks such as malware and ransomware, and can even support two-factor authentication for extra security.


If your organization wishes to take a hybrid approach, IT Master Services will assist with implementing an offline and online backup plan. Therefore, you will have three versions of your data — the original, local and cloud documents. This data backup method will safeguard against any potential risks, such as corrupt backups to a cloud drive or faulty local drive.

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